The REAL Way To Detangle Jewelry, Featuring The Maui Layered Necklace

There is nothing worse in this world than spending hours thinking about your outfit for the day in your head, pulling a long dainty necklace out of your jewelry box, and having it appear as a big tangled mess. It’s even worse when it’s a layered piece, like the Maui Layered Necklace, because they are WAY more susceptible to tangling. At first it can seem impossible to fix, but before you give up and throw your jewels in the trash, more often than not there IS a way to detangle the mess. Here is the REAL way to detangle your jewelry:

1. Find a well-lit area with a flat surface.
There are lots of chains and craziness involved with tangled jewels. If there’s not a lot of light, find a desk lamp to work under, and lay the necklace flat on a surface. You definitely have to see what is going on in order for it to get fixed.

2. For looser knots, use your fingers to separate the knot through the middle-out. Sometimes, just playing around with your fingers will naturally loosen up the knot and make the loops and tangles easier to see and work through – sometimes with the help of smaller tools. Which leads us to our next tip…

3. For tighter knots, use Tweezers and/or safety pins to help you out. You don’t have to go at it alone, ladies! Tiny, dainty chains will not be easy to untangle, but smaller tools like Tweezers and safety pins can help you out a lot. Tweezers can help to pull things apart, and the safety pin is great for looping through the links in the chain. You’ll be working your way through the knot in no time.


4. Un-clasping your necklace can help to detangle knots. You may have an instinct to keep the necklace clasped since that’s the way it got tangled. But make it easier on yourself by tackling it one necklace at a time and threading it through the mess.

5. BE. PATIENT. You’ve got one hell of a task coming your way, girl. Stay calm, walk away if you need to, but give it all you got before you throw in the towel and officially give up. Especially if your jewels are coming from Trend Tribe, they deserve a fair shot 😉



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