Introducing the September Collection: A Letter from the CEO

Welcome to Fall Semester 2015, Trendsetters!! This past summer was a busy one for us here at Trend Tribe HQ. We’ve rebranded our logo and colors, threw an awesome party with Teen Vogue, hosted a kick-ass Trendsetter Leadership Summit, and casually revamped the entire Trendsetter program, nbd. Now, we couldn’t be more excited for the Fall semester to be in full swing and see each of you make Trend Tribe come to life on your campus.
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To celebrate the amazing accomplishments the company has experienced over the past few months, we’re making this month’s collection theme “Back and better than ever!”. Not only is Trend Tribe as a company back and better than ever, but so are our Trendsetters, back on campus and better than ever.
This collection is all about delicate, dainty layers. We’re inspired by the downtown chic girls who stroll the streets of Soho brunching and shopping. The geometric shapes and pop of sparkle in this collection are reminiscent of the iconic Chrysler Building, my personal favorite building in Manhattan.
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With this collection, you’ll without a doubt be the trendiest, chicest girl on campus. I can’t wait to see how each of you make this collection your own. Don’t forget to tag us @trend_tribe so we can see how fabulous you look 🙂
Here’s to the best. semester. ever. I have a feeling this year is going to be the best yet!

Two Must-Know Tips for Packing and Storing Jewelry at College

Last Tuesday, we posted “The REAL Way To Detangle Jewelry” featuring the popular Maui Layered Necklace. So now that you have all the tips and hacks to get you out of those tangled, knotted situations, we think it’s only appropriate to show you how to KEEP your jewelry from getting tangled ever again, especially since all our Trendsetters will be packing up and heading back to campus over the next few weeks. Trust us, it is worth taking the extra time to plan out your jewelry storage to make your jewels last longer and keep you looking fabulous as you take on a new semester.

Ditch the Jewelry Box and Invest In Hanging Storage. Laying down your necklaces in small compartments is just asking for trouble. Hanging storage is getting more and more popular, and now there are products that can help you do just this! Our personal favorite is the Maggie Board, a new all-in-one organizer for not only jewelry, but also for makeup and other accessories. To keep your jewels in safe storage, hang your jewelry on Maggie Board’s strong magnetic, moveable pegs, to create a customized organizer for your jewelry. The Maggie Board features a soft and stylish backdrop made from 100% cotton. It’s a perfect way to display rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. The best part is, all your jewelry stays tangle-free and easy to access. Thank. God. You can shop Maggie Board at their Etsy shop:

 Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.57.02 AM fb-link-its-magnetic-e1439476224293makeup organizer 3

When Packing Your Jewelry, Use This Trick Straight From Trend Tribe. If there’s anyone who knows anything about packing up jewelry, it’s the ladies at Trend Tribe. If you’re going away on vacation or packing up for your move back to campus, it may seem easy to throw your necklaces into a random baggie, but there is a trick that makes it much easier to keep your necklace chains from tangling up. Find a small ziplock bag to store EACH necklace individually, and let the top of the chain hang out from the bag. When you seal the bag, this keeps the chains separated and prevents the chains from tangling while secured in the bag. We use this trick every single day, so take our word for it: it works!


And there you have it. We’re counting down the days until we can all head back to school, and we can’t wait to tackle the year along with you and all your fabulous Trend Tribe jewels!



The REAL Way To Detangle Jewelry, Featuring The Maui Layered Necklace

There is nothing worse in this world than spending hours thinking about your outfit for the day in your head, pulling a long dainty necklace out of your jewelry box, and having it appear as a big tangled mess. It’s even worse when it’s a layered piece, like the Maui Layered Necklace, because they are WAY more susceptible to tangling. At first it can seem impossible to fix, but before you give up and throw your jewels in the trash, more often than not there IS a way to detangle the mess. Here is the REAL way to detangle your jewelry:

1. Find a well-lit area with a flat surface.
There are lots of chains and craziness involved with tangled jewels. If there’s not a lot of light, find a desk lamp to work under, and lay the necklace flat on a surface. You definitely have to see what is going on in order for it to get fixed.

2. For looser knots, use your fingers to separate the knot through the middle-out. Sometimes, just playing around with your fingers will naturally loosen up the knot and make the loops and tangles easier to see and work through – sometimes with the help of smaller tools. Which leads us to our next tip…

3. For tighter knots, use Tweezers and/or safety pins to help you out. You don’t have to go at it alone, ladies! Tiny, dainty chains will not be easy to untangle, but smaller tools like Tweezers and safety pins can help you out a lot. Tweezers can help to pull things apart, and the safety pin is great for looping through the links in the chain. You’ll be working your way through the knot in no time.


4. Un-clasping your necklace can help to detangle knots. You may have an instinct to keep the necklace clasped since that’s the way it got tangled. But make it easier on yourself by tackling it one necklace at a time and threading it through the mess.

5. BE. PATIENT. You’ve got one hell of a task coming your way, girl. Stay calm, walk away if you need to, but give it all you got before you throw in the towel and officially give up. Especially if your jewels are coming from Trend Tribe, they deserve a fair shot 😉



Our Top 10 Moments From The Trendsetter Leadership Summit

We couldn’t BEGIN to describe the fabulousness of last Saturday’s Trendsetter Leadership Summit if we tried. It’s always the highlight of our year here at Trend Tribe HQ, because not only do we jam-pack a day full of life-changing workshops and panels, but we get the chance to bring the Trend Tribe family all together and see our Trendsetters in person. It reminds us of a very well-dressed Thanksgiving dinner.

While we were in love with every second of that day, lets break it down and share our Top 10 moments of the #TTSummit. (That was our hashtag for the day – check it out of Twitter and Instagram to catch up on all the action.)

10. The Sneak-Peek of the August CollectionThe August Collection is here, and we’ve deemed it “The Endless Summer.” We’re combining the best-sellers of all our summer collections in an attempt to make summer last a lifetime. We’ll let you know if it ends up working.


9. The Shopping – What’s a Trend Tribe event without a trunk show. The best part: the oh-so-popular Christina Statement Necklace from the March collection made a comeback for a limited time! Doesn’t our new Trendsetter, Lily, look adorable trying it on?


8. The Brookies – That more-than-necessary 3pm coffee break was made even better by beautiful brownies with chocolate chip cookies in the middle, aka “Brookies.” They did not last very long on the dessert table. They’re also our new fave office snack.


7. LinkedIn101 with Jaime Petkanics – Jaime SCHOOLED us in all things LinkedIn and we could not be more grateful. Considering she spent 7 years working as a recruiter for J.P. Morgan Chase and Tory Burch, it’s safe to say our Trendsetters got the best advice in town. Pretty sure everyone went straight to their laptops when they got home to update their profiles! Don’t forget to follow Trend Tribe while you’re at it.


6. The Social Media Workshop with Lily Herman – Lily is an all-around #girlboss. She’s the Co-Founder of The Prospect, was recently named Glamour Magazine’s College Woman of the Year, and used her powers as a social media guru to tell us what time of day you should post to Instagram to get the most likes. We have Lily to thank for all the triple-digit-likes to come.


5. All Of The Pictures – Our Trendsetters snapped pics all day long, and we have QUITE the collection. It’s been a struggle deciding which pictures to post on the Trend Tribe Instagram, but you can see our favorites with the hashtag #TTSummit on Twitter and Instagram!

4. The Fashion Career Panel – When the Fashion Career panelists took the stage, it was a house full of hustlers. Lauren Ashley from Marc Jacobs, Nikki Fjotland from Saks, Alexis Foglia from Ted Baker/Intermix, and Lauren Picciano from Hearst gave our Trendsetters KILLER career advice on how to make it in the fashion industry. #everydaywerehustling


3. Samantha Getting Candid – We’ve heard Samantha’s story from day one, but this summit we got to see a different side. Samantha is a 20-something who, just like us, is on the path to figuring it all out. She gave us reassurance that it’s okay if your finance and accounting friends get full-time offers as juniors in college (and you don’t) … that it’s okay to follow your heart and take the job you love (not the one you think you “should” take) … and that WE are Trend Tribe, and Trendsetters are TRULY going to stand out from the competition and are the next generation of #girlbosses. Oh, and apparently, she’s Blair Waldorf. *Round of Applause for Queen S.*


2. The Tribe Guide – A new school year means a new and improved Campus Ambassador program! Our Trendsetters are getting even more membership perks, including rewards for lifetime sales, and features on the Trend Tribe Blog and website! And there’s now a place where Trendsetters will have access to all things Trend Tribe: The Tribe Guide. It’s basically the Trend Tribe Bible. More on this in the week to come…

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.35.26 PM

1. Our Trendsetters – There was nothing that made us happier than seeing all our Trendsetters at the Summit. We can’t help but brag … our girls are some of the smartest, most driven, and obviously the most fashionable ladies out there. We cannot WAIT to see everything they do not only as a Trendsetter, but as the next generation of power women. We would be nothing without you girls, thank you for making Trend Tribe the company is it today.


With Endless #trendtribelove,

Trend Tribe HQ


Bitches Who Brunch x Trend Tribe: The Capsule Collection

If there’s anything that a 20-something girl holds near and dear to her heart, it’s brunch. It’s a glorious time when you meet with friends, recap your week, heal your hangover, and dive head-first into some eggs and mimosas. With Trend Tribe headquarters located in the heart of New York City, we thought we knew a thing or two about how to brunch. But after getting to know the ladies of Bitches Who Brunch, we now know we knew NOTHING and can only aspire to be as “Bitchtastic” and brunch-savvy as these incredible bloggers. So to compensate, we did what we do best: launched a special Bitches Who Brunch x Trend Tribe Capsule Collection.
Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.09.47 AM(See more on the @bitcheswhobrunch Instagram)

Whether you’re in NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, or back in your hometown, adding chic style to your brunch outing is a MUST. We took the best of BWB’s signature blue, added some class and some sass, and came up with 5 gorgeous pieces all named after Bitches Who Brunch editors, that are perfect to wear to your brunch outing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.07.18 AM

Our personal favorites include The Emily Layered Necklace, a great layered look with an adorable, on-trend gold tassel. We’ve also got mad #tribevibes for The Amanda Statement Earrings and The Cori Statement Necklace, that take bold and beautiful blues to another level.

So the next time you’re planning brunch, head on over to the Bitches Who Brunch blog to read the best reviews of THE places to be seen rocking your jewels and enjoying Eggs Benedict and a Bloody Mary.

Oh, and don’t these ladies in the Bitches Who Brunch logo look great with their Trend Tribe crowns?

Bitches Who Brunch - Website Banner-2

Cheers, and #trendtribelove.


The Trendsetter Leadership Summit: ft. Marc Jacobs, Saks, Hearst, Intermix, Ted Baker, The Prepary, The Prospect

We cannot believe the bi-annual Trendsetter Leadership Summit is THIS Saturday! Our Leadership Summits are one of the best days of the year … huge thanks to General Assembly for hosting us this year!

The lineup is STACKED with top dogs from fashion companies that a girl can only dream of working for. To give you a taste, here’s a look at our featured speakers…

thumb_Lauren_HeadshotLauren Ashley – Retail Merchandise Coordinator, Marc Jacobs.

After spending most of her life on the west coast, Lauren arrived in NYC in June 2011 and knew immediately that it was exactly where she was meant to be. Looking for work, Lauren accepted a specialist position for Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags at the Bloomingdale’s flagship on Lexington and was then offered a shop manager position working directly for Marc Jacobs International.

In a short amount of time, Lauren turned the business around and was offered another promotion within five months. She currently holds the title of Retail Merchandise Coordinator overseeing 35 stores which include Long Island, Saks Fifth Avenue and the DC territory.

thumb_NF1Nikki Fjotland – Assistant Buyer for Women’s Contemporary Clothing, Saks 5th Avenue.

Nikki graduated from Manhattan College with a degree in Childhood Education. After teaching kindergarten for a year, she realized education wasn’t the career path for her and began her transition into fashion. Nikki landed a job in the HR department at and has been working her way up the ladder ever since.

Nikki is proof that it’s okay to stray away from your major and that you can land your dream job with hard work and determination (even if you may not have the most experience!)

thumb_Alexis_HeadshotAlexis Foglia – Marketing Coordinator, Ted Baker.

Alexis attended Indiana University Bloomington for a degree in Journalism and Marketing and a minor in Apparel Merchandising. As a student, she spent her summers interning at Tory Burch on the Marketing & Special Events team.

In July 2014, she joined the Brand Communication team at Ted Baker London doing brand marketing. After a year at Ted Baker, she is now transitioning to the Events Team at Intermix!

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALTAAAAJDZiZGE5ZmY2LWM2ZGMtNDJiMS04ZWQ4LWIwMWUyZWJiNjUzNgLauren Picciano – Director of Public Relations, Hearst.

Lauren Picciano is the Director of Public Relations for Marie Claire, HGTV and Food Network Magazines.  She started at Hearst in June and oversees all aspects of PR for each magazine and handles press for each Editor-in-chief.  Prior to Hearst, she held the position of Manager of Public Relations, Special Events and Social Media at Bergdorf Goodman. She was with Bergdorf Goodman for 4 and a half years where she oversaw all public relations efforts and special events across multiple categories and oversaw all social media for the brand. Lauren began her career in fashion public relations in 2008 at adidas handling public relations for adidas by Stella McCartney and 10 performance categories.
Lauren received a B.A. in Psychology from Denison University where she was a VP recruitment of her sorority, Delta Gamma.  Lauren is always trying the newest fitness craze in NYC and in her spare times likes to travel. This year she has already been to Vienna, Budapest and Stockholm.

thumb_LHLily Herman – Co-Founder and CEO, The

Lily Herman is a writer, editor, and social media consultant, as well as co-founder and CEO of, the world’s largest student-run college access organization.

In addition to her work with TP, Lily also writes and edits for Her Campus, USA TODAY, HelloFlo, and The Muse, where she assists the latter two with social media as well. She was also recently named one of Glamour’s Top 10 College Women for her work helping undeserved youth get into college. You can find her on Twitter at @lkherman.

thumb_JPJamie Petkanics – Founder, The Prepary.

Jaime Petkanics is the Founder of The Prepary, an online resource and consulting service that helps people navigate their job searches and careers. Prior to starting The Prepary, Jaime was a Recruiter and Talent Manager for 7 years at top companies including JPMorgan and Tory Burch.

From sitting on the other side of the table, Jaime learned first hand what separated the good candidates from great ones and is passionate about sharing that knowledge with others. Through her consulting services, she has helped over 100 clients reach their job search goals.

Jaime’s advice has been featured in Fast Company, Business Insider, Huffington Post, and The Muse and The Prepary was recently named by Forbes as one of the top 100 websites for your career.

And of course….

thumb_SCSamantha Cooper – CEO and Founder, Trend Tribe.

As the Founder and CEO of Trend Tribe (, Samantha is living out her life’s purpose of empowering the next generation of fearless female fashionpreneurs. While attending Babson College, Samantha began selling jewelry to build her resume in fashion. This experience helped her land her dream internship at Barneys New York and also sparked the idea for Trend Tribe.

Today, the company helps their nationwide team of campus ambassadors, better known as Trendsetters, break into fashion. When Samantha isn’t working, you can find her volunteering as the Director of Levo League’s NYC chapter or in Soho brunching and shopping. Her words to live by are,”The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”

The Leadership Summit will also feature catered lunch, a Trend Tribe trunk show, and LOTS of Trend Tribe swag for attendees. You see why we’re so ecstatic?! This weekend is going to be one of the best ever, we can feel it. Trendsetters, you can RSVP now here: Trendsetter Leadership Summit.

See ya there!



Trendsetter Spotlight: Mandy Bidinger from the University of South Carolina

Happy Friday to our Tribe! Today we’re shining bright on one of the most dedicated Trendsetters in the Trend Tribe Family, with a seriously touching story about how she used a Trend Tribe trunk show to help a family in need. Her name is Mandy Bidinger, a rising sophomore at the University of South Carolina, and we’re so happy to make her this week’s Trendsetter Spotlight, in honor of #PhilanthropyFriday.

Trend Tribe: Tell us about the trunk show you hosted!

Mandy Bidinger: I had a mother-daughter trunk show at my house. It was an intimate gathering of about 15 people and raised money for a family who was overwhelmed by medical bills. Their son, Jack Enright, was injured during a lacrosse game and had a 50/50 chance of walking again. Our community has truly come together over this cause, and have raised over 33,000 dollars. Due to his care at a well-known rehabilitation facility, he has now had movement in his legs!


TT: That’s AMAZING. Why do you think your trunk show was so successful?

MB: I think what made it so successful was the community-feel of the whole event. All the moms and daughters got to catch up with one another while also supporting a cause that truly matters to them and has effected our whole town.

TT: What were the best-sellers at your trunk show?

MB: My best sellers were the gold bar cuff and silver love knot cuff, as well as the layered gold bar necklace and the festival arm party bracelet!

TT: What is your favorite part about hosting a Trend Tribe trunk show?

MB: My favorite part is seeing the customers walk away excited about their purchases. I love when they come up to me with 5 things in their hands trying to choose just one. I also love the philanthropy shows because it makes me so grateful to know that what I am doing is benefiting people in a community.


Mandy, we love you and cannot WAIT to see all the things you do this upcoming semester. Keep up the work, and take a bow.